What a year!

I think we should forget the wash out summer weather, it was so unimportant when you look at all the amazing things that have happened that bring the words 'inspirational' and 'triumphant' come to mind. Firstly the brilliant Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration, which as you will see later in The Annual several Branches and Centres' really celebrated in style! This was followed by the Olympic and Paralympic Games which exceeded all our expectations in terms of organisation, atmosphere and medals; especially the equestrians, most of whom were former Pony Club Members.

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The buzz word from these events was legacy and a way forward so that the next generation should be inspired to achieve. I think you will agree that The Pony Club is proof that you are already on the way to future success. Your participation in ALL that The Pony Club has to offer, from your first rally to competing at our Championships, means you are part of this bright future.

I hope you enjoy your first digital annual and will join me in saying thank you to everyone who makes it happen.

Happy Christmas and have a brilliant 2013.

Firstly, I would like to say 'welcome' to this exciting new presentation of The Pony Club Annual.

Front leaders in Equestrian e-learning, our Media and I.T. team have gone one step further with this new initiative of developing our own online magazine.

I say front leaders, as many of you will have seen on our web site that The Pony Club recently won Best Project (not for profit sector) at the prestigious National E-Learning Awards in London, for its ongoing work on I know you will want to join me in congratulating the team.

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It has certainly been a year to remember with one of the worst summers on record. However in true Pony Club spirit, your Branches and Areas all pulled together to carry out your summer programmes and to enable the qualifying competitions to run so that those of you who qualified were not denied your once in a lifetime experience

Cholmondeley Castle, our new Championship home, and Musketeer Event Management did us proud and we now look forward to many more years at this magnificent venue.

The London Olympics & Paralympics have been acclaimed by many as the best ever and the medal success of the equestrian teams unprecedented with 17 of the 18 athletes taking part, bringing home medals, and 13 of them beginning their equestrian careers in The Pony Club. Of that we should be very proud. Training remains our most important objective, and it is with The Pony Club where you will receive the very best.

Taking into account the Olympic and Paralympic Games together with World and European Championships this year, our equestrians have brought home 27 Gold, 17 Silver and 12 Bronze medals, again with the majority of these riders having started life within the Branches of our organisation. A truly amazing record and an inspiration to those of you with future medal winning aspirations, but equally for those of you who want to have fun, friendship and to learn how to be safe around our four legged friends.

Enjoy your Annual!

Very Best Christmas Wishes to you all.

Meet the Pony Club team

who work at The Pony Club office, and get to know who can help you with any queries you have.

Jenny Amy Judy Hannah Laura Michael Barbara
Jessica Clare W Katie Sarah Lucy Marty Jo Sue
Siobhan Harvey Clare B

Who should I speak to?

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Who should I speak to?

Branch Members: Your main point of contact for your Pony Club will be your District Commissioner (DC) and Branch Secretary.

Centre Members: Your main point of contact for your Pony Club will be your Centre Proprietor.

Name Title DDI Email
Judy Edwards Chief Executive 02476 698304 (PA) (PA)
Clare Boardman Senior Executive, Show Jumping, Racing & Web Secretary 02476 698301
Siobhan Brown PA to the Chief Executive & Chairman 02476 698304
Jenny Yates Eventing & Training Officer 02476 698305
Jo Hayward Mounted Games Secretary, Cubitt Awards Overseas Branches & Insurance. 02476 698307
Hannah Clack Polocrosse, Health & Safety & National Quiz Secretary 02476 698315
Laura Armstrong Polo & Dressage Secretary 02476 698309
Katie Hubbard Tetrathlon, Endurance, Capitation & Branch Return Secretary 02476 698303
Caroline Pole Merchandising & Publications Manager 02476 698313
Lucy Goler Centre Membership Executive Officer 02476 698306
Barbara Saturley Receptionist & Centre Membership Administrator 02476 698300
Clare Walkeden Press Officer, PR & Marketing Executive. Editor of The Pony Club Annual 02476 698310
Michael Burke IT Systems Developer 02476 698311
Marty Bibby Communications Assistant 02476 698318
Amy Sheppard Training Assistant
Sarah Hargreaves & Jessica Holton Student Placements for 2012/13
Horse and Pony Care Competition
Harvey & Sue Reader Accountants 02476 698314

Which Pony Club Area am I?

Across the country the 345 Branches and around 580 Centres are spread across 19 Pony Club Areas. Each Area has its own Area Representative who oversees its running and supports the Branches.

Dawn Louly Charlotte Ros Sheila Sarita Meg Pleasance
Liz Diane Mary David Christina Clare Martin Janice
Liz Val

Not sure who your Area Representative is?

Then have a look at the map! Click here

Name Area Contact Tel. Email
Janice Carnegie 1: North Scotland 01674 840759
Sheila Clifford 2 0191 3883759
Peggy Alpin 3: Yorkshire 01937 581777
Ros Slinger 4: North West 01254 852560
Meg Green 5 01745 710374
Christina Thompson 6: East Midlands 01476 585012
David Cashmore 7: Middle England 01283 790336
Clare Valori 8: East Anglia 01986 788767
Pleasance Jewitt 9: Three Counties 01285 821715
Charlotte Rowell 10: South Wales & Borders 01600 713794
Martin Wright 11: South East 01322 663247
Mary Tuckett 12: Northern Home Counties 01296 670305
Dawn Taylor 13: South Central 01483 898199
Louly Thornycroft 14: Wessex & Channel Islands 01258 860614
Liz Dorse 15 07753 816022
Sarita Perkins 16: Cornwall & South Devon 01326 375670
Liz Lowry 17: Northern Ireland 028 9187 0766
Diane Thomas 18: West Wales 01348 840032
Val Milne 19: South Scotland 01501 731820


The Pony Club Annual Conference 2013:

Belfast Waterfront, Northern Ireland

Annual Conference 2013:

March 6th at Cheltenham Racecourse

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The Pony Club Annual Conference 2013:

Belfast Waterfront, Northern Ireland

The Pony Clubs Annual Conference was held across the water, on March 7th 2012, at Belfast's Waterfront and enjoyed a surprise visit from HRH The Princess Royal, patron of The Pony Club!

The day had a great line up including Eric Smiley FBHS and William Blane FBHS talking about Training, East Down Branch Members, Luke Kilmacki and Luke McMullan, talking about Tetrathlon and Andrew Finding, CEO of the British Equestrian Federation, speaking about The Pony Clubs contribution to equestrian sport. HRH The Princess Royal also addressed delegates on the importance of recognising and rewarding volunteers, whilst Dr Janet Gray MBE gave delegates a feel for the incredible highs and low throughout both her personal life and her medal winning water skiing career.

Annual Conference 2013:

March 6th at Cheltenham Racecourse

The Annual Conference is open to officials and instructors from Branches and Centres, and is a great opportunity to hear about what's new in The Pony Club; so if you are an older Member or Associate who is instructing or helping in the Branch why not come along? Applications are usually done in batches through your Branch or Centre, and places can be booked through the Annual Conference pages of the website or by contacting Siobhan Brown: 02476 698304 /

The Pony Club Road Rider Badges And Test

Here at The Pony Club we want to give you the correct knowledge, so that when you go out for a hack on the roads, in rural or urban areas, you are as safe as you can possibly be.

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Here at The Pony Club we want to give you the correct knowledge, so that when you go out for a hack on the roads, in rural or urban areas, you are as safe as you can possibly be.

So, we have three levels of ‘Road Rider’ to take our Members from the basic information all the way up to having the skills to hack out on their own and understand the rules of the road.

Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge

This badge can be taken if you are at E’ -‘D’ Test level and must be attained before you can be awarded your Pony Club ‘D’ Test.

Road Rider Achievement Badge

This badge can be taken if you are at ‘D+’ -‘C’ Test level and must be attained before you can be awarded your Pony Club ‘C’ Test.

Road Rider Test

This badge can be taken if you are at ‘C+’ -‘B’ Test level and must be attained before you can be awarded your Pony Club ‘B’ Test.

Why not have a watch of our Road Rider DVD snippet to find out more about being seen and safe!
What should I read?
What should I read?

There are three books that we recommend you have a read of for all three levels of Road Rider.

The Pony Club Junior Road Rider - available from The Pony Club Shop, this book will help you understand everything you need to know for the ‘horsey’ elements of your Road Rider at all three levels. The book is divided into three main sections:

  • Seen to be Safe
  • Ride Wisely
  • Look, Learn, and Obey
What should I watch?
What should I watch?

The Pony Club Road Rider DVD, suitable for anyone taking their Mini Badge up to their full Road Rider Test, has really great animation and real life riding situations to help you learn. The DVD is split into four sections, so you can just dip into it or watch it all at once:

Chapter 1: ‘Be Seen to be Safe’ looks at High Visibility wear versus dark clothing, the importance of tack checks, the use of games to learn and basic road signs and signals.

Chapter 2: ‘Be Aware’ demonstrates ‘defensive riding’, showing the best road positions to adopt, more advanced road manoeuvres and signals, set up of a simulated road route for practise.

Chapter 3: ‘Road Rider’ shows more road manoeuvres, using animations. It also shows the layout for a more complicated simulated road route, similar to the one you will have in your Road Rider Test.

Chapter 4: is full of information for your instructors and parents, so they can learn too!

The Dengie Winter League Show Jumping was introduced in 1995, and proved so successful over the years that a Winter League for Dressage was introduced in 2007.

There are three stages to the competition: Preliminary Rounds are held throughout the country from October to February. Those who are successful in the Preliminary Rounds qualify to go forward to one of 19 Area Competitions – if they are successful at the Area Competition they may be heading for the Dengie Winter League Championships!

There is also an Open Show Jumping competition, for those wishing to tackle bigger fences.

Helena Gurdin
Rebecca Bell
Daisy Coakley
Imogen Elliot
Alicia Feledziak
Gwen Thomas
Becky Thomas




Polo Championships

The Audi Pony Club Polo Championships culminated at the weekend (10 to 12 August) at Cowdray Park, West Sussex, with thrilling play by some of the best young players in the UK.

The Championships host the annual finals for both The Pony Club Polo sections of Handley Cross, Surtees, Loriner and Rendell, as well as the Junior HPA Polo sections of Hipwood, Langford and Gannon.

A weekend of glorious weather greeted the 170 Pony Club players, who had taken part in friendly qualifying matches all over the country in early August before securing their Championship slot.

The action kicked off for all the sections on Friday morning with the mission to secure a coveted slot in the Sunday afternoon finals, which culminate in Junior HPA Gannon section final - the pinnacle of achievement for any Pony Club Polo player. As well as the play, there was also time to soak up the atmosphere during the weekend, including the BBQ and disco on the Saturday evening, attracting players, parents and supporters alike.

After two days of hard fought play, the fantastic parade of all players and their ponies on Lawns I marked the start of the finals on Sunday. The Handley Cross section, for those aged 14 and under riding ordinary Pony Club ponies, kicked off the action and saw the Newmarket & Thurlow Branch enjoy the first taste of victory, as they clinched the Handley Cross title.

The eagerly awaited Gannon final saw the 2011 title holders, Cowdray Park, take the stage against the Grafton Hunt. The play was fast with terrific youth polo talent on display, and Grafton Hunt doing all they could to hold off their opponents, but in the end it was not enough and Cowdray Park were again victorious, taking an incredible seventh Gannon title in a decade.

The Pony Club Polo Championships have been held at Cowdray Park since 1977, and have enjoyed the generous support of Audi since 2009, allowing them to develop the three days of competition, that always deliver fantastic youth sporting talent, displays of sportsmanship and a lot of fun!

Louis Heard (South Oxfordshire Hunt (South) Branch) and Jack the Knipper receive the Jambo Trophy.
The Cowdray Park team take the Gannon title for an incredible seventh time.
Cowdray Park dominate over Grafton Hunt in the finals
The Newmarket & Thurlow Branch lift the Handley Cross trophy.
Action on the field for the Langford section

Over 1600 Members of The Pony Club headed for The Pony Club Championships, August 16th-19th, at their new home of Cholmondeley Castle, by kind permission of The Marquess of Cholmondeley.

The four day Championships hosted the finals for Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Mounted Games and Polocrosse, as well as the Centre Equitation Competition, Horse and Pony Care Championship and Musical Ride. Full of inspiration from the equestrian success at London 2012, The Championships attracted a crowd of over 5000 spectators, and with over 200 Pony Club Branches being represented from across the country the atmosphere was electric!

An Open Eventing competitor takes the open ditch fence in style.
The Chipping Branch win the senior Horse & Pony Care Competition.
The Eridge Hunt win the Intermediate Team Dressage
The West Hants Branch win the Junior Mounted Games
The Poole & District enjoy a lap of honour.
The Cotswold Vale & Ledbury Hunt Team win Class 2B.
Polocrosse players line up for the parade.
An Atherstone Junior Member shows concentration during the Flag race.
A young North Down player shows Polocrosse skill.
Anna East from the Polden Hills Branch wins the Open Individual Show Jumping.
The Naburn Grange team prove unbeatable in the Centre Equitation competition.
The South Northumberland Branch were the winners of the Junior Horse & Pony Care Competition.
A competitor swaps their pony for a different kind of mount!
Katie Bettison (South Oxfordshire Hunt (South)) winner of the Intermediate Individual Dressage
Cheshire Hunt North Members during the Horse & Pony Care Competition
The VWH Branch take the top honours in the Open Eventing.

The Musical Ride Competition

The Musical Ride competition involves teams of up to 12 riders showing off their riding ability to choreographed movements on their horses, to music, in fancy dress!

The 2012 competition was a hard fought battle of colour and music for the ten teams taking part, with rides depicting The Wizard of Oz, The Lion King, War Horse, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Chinese Dragons, Best of British, Olympians, Patriotic Pony Club, Pieces of Eight and a watery themed ride to tunes from The Beach Boys!

The West Lancashire County Branch emerged out in front, with their - Patriotic Pony Club' ride choreographed by Fiona Lace, wowing spectators with colour, movement and atmosphere and taking a clear win on 72.75 points.

Then check out these top tips from Fiona Lace, Chairman of Pony Club Dressage and trainer for the winning West Lancashire Team in 2012!

  • Be prepared to have lots of practices.
  • Practice riding and doing all types of school movements in pairs. This can be in normal working rallies or when members are at home, as well as at musical ride practices.
  • Plan the programme and start rehearsing. This is the slow bit, so the sooner you start the better. The programme needs to contain recognisable movements. They do not need to be complicated, but it does need to be obvious where the riders are going and you do need to use the whole arena.
  • Decide on a theme. This can lead to some 'interesting' discussions, but bear in mind that the costumes have to be practical to produce and wear, and that budgets may be limited, so do not get carried away!
  • Decide on the music to fit the theme. Music needs to be recognisable to most people, it needs to be uplifting and to suit the pace (walk, trot, canter) of the movement. It must make the audience smile and want to join in.
  • Above all the Musical Ride is a good opportunity to have fun, ride together with friends, make new friends and enjoy the team experience.

The Pony Club Tetrathlon Championships took place, August 22nd-23rd, at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire. Pony Club Tetrathlon incorporates the disciplines of running, cross country riding, shooting and swimming and provides a gateway for young people into Modern Pentathlon. Full of inspiration from Moder Pentathlons' Sam Murray and Mhairi Spence, a former Pony Club Member, at London 2012, over 200 Pony Club Members took part at this year's Championships.

Highlights of the 2012 Tetrathlon Championships included Steph Courty (17), from the Percy Hunt Branch, taking the Open Girls Individual top slot a score of 4392, which combined with the scores of team mates Lizzie Pettifer (19), Suzanne and Rebecca Barwise-Munro (15) also netted the Percy Hunt Branch the Open Girls Team honours, on a score of 12880 to receive the Hollington Biscuit Barrel, complete with biscuits!

Tetrathlon Championships

You can find out more about Tetrathlon and a full set of Championship results on

It was well worth the long trip for Aylish Paisley, from the Eskdale Branch in Dumfriesshire, who won the Intermediate Girls Individual on a score of 4332 and Oliver Christopher, aged 18, from the Pentyrch Branch finished on a final score of 4457, to receive the Wilkinson Sword as the winner of the Open Boys Individual. In the Intermediate Boys team competition, William Bower (13), William Cass (16), Simon Mousdale (17) and Daniel Grant (15) from the Pendle Forest and Craven Hunt Branch finished on a score of 11,144 to take the win.

Success was also very much in the air for Area 9 of The Pony Club, with three Branches from the Area also taking the top slots. The Ledbury Hunt Intermediate Girls Team of Alice Harper (15), Libby Walker (17), Camilla Barnes (17) and Millie Walker (15) finished on a score of 12,238 to take the Intermediate Girls Team top spot, and the team success continued in the Open Boys for the VWH Branch Team of Rory (19) and Paddy Gilling (17) and Oliver (18) and Greg Hall (16) on a score of 12,482. Whilst George Screuder, (17), from the Cotswold Vale Farmers Branch was on form in the Intermediate Boys Individual on a score of 4460.

Five Minutes with Mhairi Spence

Mhairi Spence is a British modern pentathlete, who has won a series of medals at European and World Championships and took part in the Modern Pentathlon at the Olympic Games 2012.

Mhairi started her riding career in The Pony Club, with the Moray and Nairn Branch, where she also took part in Tetrathlon which lead her on to her Pentathlon career. We caught up with Mhairi to find out what London 2012 was like, what she enjoyed most about her Pony Club days and what's next!

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***Stop Press** NEW Pony Clib Winter Triathlon

The Pony Club are introducing a Triathlon competition for Mini, Junior and Open competitors. Area Qualifiers are being planned across the country, with the Championships being held at Stantonbury Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes on the 17th March 2013.

Click here for the rules


The two first placed individuals from each class will qualify. Should the event be combined with another Area, the first four individuals from each class shall qualify - regardless of which Area they are from.

  • The competition will be run under The Pony Club Rules 2013, with the exception of the Open Boys - who will swim for 3 minutes and run 2000 metres.
  • All competitors must be Members of The Pony Club and must have qualified at one of the qualifying Triathlon competitions as shown on The Pony Club website.
  • All Qualifiers must have their forms signed by the Organiser of the competition at which they qualify.

The Pony Club NFU Novice Championships 2012:

Kelsall Hill, Nr Tarporley, Cheshire

Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre, Cheshire, played host to the eleventh Pony Club Novice Championships, generously supported by NFU Mutual during the weekend of August 25-26th.

The Novice Championships are very much the starting point for future talent, and hold the finals at Novice level for Pony Club Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage.

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The two day event welcomes Pony Club Members in teams and as individuals, in numbers of 800 upwards, aged between 10 and 18 from John O Groats to Lands End, not forgetting the Irish contingent!

There was a mixture of weather across the weekend, but nothing that could dampen the spirits of those taking part, who delivered some strong grassroots sporting action.

Highlights included the host Branch, Cheshire Hunt (North), winning the Team Eventing, the East Down Branch made their long trip worthwhile by taking the top slot in the Team Show Jumping and it was the West Warwickshire Branch's day, with three scores over 70%, to take the Team Dressage honours.

Novice Championship Results 2012

Dressage Individuals

Arena 1: Milly Petchell (Brocklesby Hunt)

Arena 2: Sadie Carrington (Whaddon Chase)

Arena 3: Victoria Hopkinson (Grove Hunt)

Arena 4: Nicole Curtis (Wylye Valley)

Arena 5: Harriet Bloxham (Quantock Hunt)

Arena 6: Ciara McLellan (East Cheshire) & Ciaran Rees (Carnwyllion)

Dressage Teams

1st: West Warwickshire

2nd: Grove Hunt

3rd: Brocklesby

4th: Whaddon Chase

5th: Taunton Vale Harriers

6th: Atherstone Hunt

Show Jumping Individuals

1st: Grace Popham (Quantock Hunt)

2nd: Jessica Harrison (Spooners & West Dartmoor)

3rd: Hollie Smith (Iveagh)

4th: Healey Ramus (Romney Marsh)

5th: Isobel Lee (North Hereford Hunt)

6th: Isabel Lindsay (Fife Hunt)

Show Jumping Teams

1st: East Down

2nd: Old Berkshire Hunt

3rd: Strathearn

4th: West Cumberland

5th: West Lancashire County

6th: East Devon Hunt

Eventing Individuals

Arena 1: Eleanor Simes (East Sussex)

Arena 2: Georgina Ewell (Cotley Hunt)

Arena 3: Bethany Lee (Cheshire Hunt North)

Arena 4: Katriona Ratcliffe (Cheshire Hunt North)

Arena 5: Dominica Rogan-Pfaff (Weston Harriers Hunt)

Arena 6: Joe Dowse (Scunthorpe & District)

Eventing Teams

1st: Cheshire Hunt North

2nd: Iveagh

3rd: West Warwickshire

4th: Tanatside Hunt

5th: Bedfordshire South

6th: East Devon Hunt

A full set of results from the Novice Championships can be viewed on the Championship web pages.


Endurance Championships 2012

Pony Club Endurance enjoyed the sunshine for its Championship, held over the weekend of September 15-16th 2012 at Kelsall Hill, Cheshire.

Pony Club Members, from all over the country, travelled to take part in the Championships at Novice, Intermediate and Open level.

Do you fancy having a go at Endurance? You can find out more about Pony Club Endurance rides and the different levels on, but we thought we would give you a few tips to get you started!

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Top 10 Tips for Endurance

  1. Make sure you are comfortable, and your pony is comfortable (i.e your tack fits) as you are going to be in the saddle for longer than usual.
  2. Take some chocolate or fruit bars with you on your ride.
  3. Check your girth – often
  4. Take every opportunity to water/slosh your horse to keep him comfortable, as you never know when the next opportunity will arise.
  5. Teach your horse/pony to help you do gates!
  6. Learn to trot up correctly, and make sure your horse/pony knows what is expected.
  7. Learn to read a map.
  8. Be bright, wear something fluorescent, in case you need to be found.
  9. Keep people informed:
    - if you are going out on your own let someone know where you are going and what time you expect to be back
    - if you are on a ride make sure checkpoints have your number
    - if you leave the ride early, make sure you tell the time keeper
  10. Enjoy - even if you don't make the time you can still enjoy the ride!

Results 2012

Junior Novice Individuals

1st: Annabelle Lyndon (Hampshire Hunt)
2nd: Florence Rowsell (Hampshire Hunt)
3rd: Georgina Child (Wilton Hunt)

Junior Novice Teams

1st: Annabelle Lyndon, Florence Rowsell & Archie Moffat (Hampshire Hunt)
2nd: Holly Thomson, Tara Barker & Amelia Trueman (Hurworth Hunt)
3rd: Rosie Moore, Cordelia Moore & Daniel Vickery (Old Surrey & Burstow Hunt)

Senior Novice Individuals

1st: Elizabeth Child (Wilton Hunt)
2nd: Jimmy Mitchell (Hertfordshire Hunt)
3rd: Caitlin Birkett (Vale of York)

Junior Intermediate Individual

1st: Charlotte Vickery (Old Surrey & Burstow Hunt)

Senior Intermediate Individual

1st: Louise Hazelwood (Albrighton Hunt)

Senior Open Individuals

1st: Katie Bedwin (Lord Leconfield Hunt)
2nd: Katy Mellor (United Pack)
3rd: Emma Harris (Cumberland Foxhounds)

Senior Open Team

1st: Sophie Webber, Helena France & Emily Peirson (Bedale & West of Yore)

For more information and a full set of results visit the Endurance pages

What to Wear..for Endurance


Your hat must be of the correct standard (see The Pony Club Endurance Rule book) so make sure you are wearing the right hat. Conventional skull cap type hats can prove to be both heavy and hot when riding longer distances which is why lightweight, ventilated hats have become popular among Endurance riders. Pony Club Members are permitted to wear these, provided that they meet the required standard at Endurance rides.


Most Endurance riders favour short riding boots and half chaps as opposed to tall boots as the latter tend to be too hot for the time spent riding. Your usual jodphur boots with a smooth sole will be acceptable across all organisations but you may find on longer rides or in bad weather that they offer limited grip, both in the stirrup and on the ground. In this case you may wish to consider an alternative and Pony Club Endurance rules do allow for this provided that you ride in a caged stirrup. Trainer style riding boots are popular with Endurance riders as they provide good arch support, have a soft sole, and are ideal for frequent mounts and dismounts for gates etc.

Leg wear:

Well fitting, comfortable jodhpurs are the most commonly used legwear and should be more than sufficient at Pony Club level. You may however wish to give some thought to the material they are made from as brands with a high percentage of nylon or polyester can become hot and cause rubbing over longer distances. Heavy weight fabric (such as denim style jodhpurs) can also be an issue as it takes longer to dry out if you become caught in a shower and the clinging, damp fabric can become extremely uncomfortable. With regards to colour, there are no rules within Pony Club Endurance, but it is common to get quite grubby over the course of a ride and so you may prefer to keep your best cream breeches for the show ring! As you progress you will probably see specialist riding tights being worn by some advanced competitors.


Underwear may not be the first thing you think about, but after several miles of hard riding you may wish that you had given more attention to it! Cotton with Lycra for stretch is better than Nylon. For male riders especially, close fitting underwear is preferable to loose cotton boxers which can cause soreness from rubbing. Female riders will also want to give consideration to a supportive bra.

**NEW** Young Event Horse Series

The Eventing Committee were pleased to introduce the Young Event Horse Series in 2012.

Click to read more

The series is open to Members and Associate Members aged 15 years or over with horses or ponies aged 5, 6 or 7 years, who compete at Level 3 (Novice) Eventing Competitions, and is designed to promote the correct training and provide an opportunity for older Members to bring on and compete their young horses and ponies.


1st: Heather Wyles riding Dark Shadow (6), Atherstone Hunt (37 points)
2nd: Sarah Rosser riding Innishowens Law (6), West Street (35 points)
3rd: Heather Wyles riding Flurry Knox Esq. (7), Atherstone Hunt (32 points)
4th: Molly Walsh riding Big Owl (5), Old Surrey & Burstow Hunt (16 points)
5th: Holly Airey riding Pure Echonomix (7), Cumberland Farmers' Hunt (South) (15 points)
6th: Alysa Spittle riding Rodney Clover (5), Fife Hunt (14 points)
7th: Michelle Watkins riding Pick Of The Day (7), Burton Hunt (12 points)
8th: Lucy Shaw riding Ballin Solli (7), West Perthshire (10 points)
9th: Sam Rippon riding Tipsy Laird (5), West Lancashire County (8 points)
10th: Annabel Cole riding Chevaliers Dream (7), Middleton Hunt (East Side) (7 points)

Winner 2012

Heather Wyles, the 2012 winner of the series with Dark Shadow comments "I'm so pleased that the Young Event Horses series was introduced. As an Associate Member with young horses, the series has given me something to aim for, and will encourage Members in the same situation as me to compete at Pony Club competitions".

Congratulations to the top ten riders and horses in the 2012 Young Event Horse Series!

Why not find out more about the Young Event Horse Series and take part in 2013?

What is the Likit Open Eventing League?

The points-based Open League is designed to give riders increased opportunity to compete at Pony Club Open level and so gain the experience and encouragement to help them go on to compete in The Pony Club's Area Competitions and Championship. Pony Club Branches whose events include an Open (1.10m) Class, are eligible to register for the League with entrants gaining points for places and double clear rounds. The horse and rider combination with the highest number of points at the end of the season wins, with further placings being awarded to 10th place.

The Likit Open Eventing League 2012

Likit Open Eventing League competitions were held all over the country in 2012 and accommodated an amazing 600 Pony Club horse and rider combinations across them!

The winner of the Likit Open Eventing League for 2012 was Stephanie Elliot, from the North Warwickshire Branch of The Pony Club. Stephanie, aged 22, amassed a total of 19 points with her horse Miss Ellie, and will benefit from the top prize of a day's training with Olympic event rider Mark Todd!

All the winners down the line to 10th place were invited to attend Your Horse Live, where they received their lovely Likit rugs and training bursary amounts on The Pony Club tradestand. For a full list of 2012 winners check out the Likit Open Eventing League page.

The Diamond Jubilee

took place in 2012, marking 60 years of The Queen's reign.

The Chiddingfold Farmers are all dressed up and ready to give a stunning Jubilee display ride at their county show.
A Park Lane Stables Member poses with an immaculately turned out Jubilee pony, complete with red, white and blue paint.
At Angel Riding Centre, Anya and her pony Arthur went all out on the red, white and blue theme.
Jess, from the United Pack, and her pony are ready for some Jubilee fun.
Cherry Michell, Chairman of The Pony Club, poses with a Chiddingfold Farmers Member.
Chelsea, from the Wentworth and District Branch, enjoy their Jubilee Rally.

Olympic fever took over up and down the country for London 2012, and many of our Branches and Centres celebrated, and competed, in their own way!

Arklemoor Pony Club Centre Members enjoy their own moments of victory!
The Crawley & Horsham Hunt Branch get a visit from Olympic Eventing Silver medalist, and former Member, Tina Cook!
There was no dispute over who Members at Talygarn Centre were supporting in their red, white and blue outfits
The West Warwickshire Branch was treated to a look at former Member and Olympic Show Jumpers Nick Skeltons GOLD Medal.
Stevenson and Tarrington Farmers show that you don't need a fancy podium to receive a medal!
A Member of the East Essex Branch shows ambition in riding and Olympic cycling with their fancy dress at junior camp.

Across the country, all kinds of events were held during the Diamond Jubilee central weekend of 2nd-5th June, and some of you sent us your pics to show us what you got up to to help the Queen celebrate!

Five minutes with...
Nicola Wilson!

Nicola Wilson was a part of the Eventing Team, alongside William Fox-Pitt, Zara Phillips, Mary King and Kristina Cook, who brought home an amazing Silver medal at London 2012. Nicola has been pathfinder for the team at the last two major championships; she was part of the team that won gold at the 2010 World Equestrian Games, alongside fellow Olympians Tina Cook, William Fox-Pitt and Mary King while she won European team gold in 2009 and team bronze in 2011; and guess what, Nicola, along with ALL the Eventing Team members is a former Member of The Pony Club!

Kathrine Stevens, from the Cobham Branch, was selected and you can read a bit about her experience below:

Over 2 years ago I applied to become a Young Games Maker for London 2012. Not for one minute did I actually think I would be appointed to the position of a crossing point steward on the cross country day of the Eventing at Greenwich Park!

Training & Rehearsals

I had to attend many training sessions in order to receive my shift details. The training (although interesting) did become a little boring at times, with hours of footage on working with horses, including training on how not to approach a horse from behind - I did wonder if the organisers knew we all had to have our B Test to apply!

Before our shift we all had to attend a 'rehearsal day' with golf buggies going round the cross country course, acting as a horse and rider, and scenarios such as a rider falling involved the driver of the buggy jumping off and lying on the floor... usually laughing!

After the rehearsal we were given the chance to walk the cross country course, and as we neared the end we saw the GB Eventing Team working with Yogi Breisner and waved from a distance. After our course walk a few of us went on search for anyone in team kit, and Leslie Law happily had a picture with me and signed our handbooks.

The BIG Day!

When the Eventing day finally came I found out I was situated at crossing point 40, right after the last fence, and what a place to be! Not only did we get waved at by riders as they finished, but riders then trotted back up the finish strip to wave at Games Makers and show their appreciation for the crowds.

It was such an exciting experience, one which I will not forget in a hurry, but at the same time I learnt so much from the veterinary teams situated at our crossing point (it was like a very high level stable management rally!)

At the end of the day we went and saw the NZ team being interviewed and amazingly the TV cameras asked for an interview with us! We also got an autograph off all of them and one of the YGM's in my team even managed to kiss Andrew Nicholson on the cheek!

It was the most amazing experience of my life and it's something I would do anything to repeat again, I will be the first one to apply for Rio!

Kathrine Stevens - YGM Team 4

The Young Games Maker (YGM) Programme

The Young Games Maker (YGM) programme for 16-18 year olds provided up to 2,000 volunteering opportunities for young people during the 2012 Games. The programme supported LOCOG's commitment to inspire young people to choose sport and leave a volunteering legacy. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the young volunteers to be a part of the greatest show on earth – and The Pony Club were able to put 48 of their Members forward to be YGMS!

Click here to read more

Pony Club Olympic Torchbearers

Kate Spaughton
Kate Allenby
Sara Tremlett

8,000 inspirational people, from tens of thousands nominated, carried the Olympic Flame on its journey across the UK. It was their moment to shine, inspiring millions of people watching in their community, and guess what? Pony Club were represented during this historically traditional start-up for the UK Olympic Games, by Members, former Members and Volunteers alike!

Gorgs Geike (previous Member of Mid Devon)
Carried the Flame through: Okehampton

Kate Allenby, MBE (previous Member of Spooners and West Dartmoor)
Carried the Flame through: Bath

Kate Charlton (Morpeth Hunt)
Carried the Flame through: Foulden

Martha Todd (Duke of Buccleuch Hunt)
Carried the Flame through: Berwick-Upon-Tweed

Tilly Sayburn-Hughes (Oxenholme)
Carried the Flame through: Kendal

Georgie Harland (previous Member of East Kent Hunt)
Georgie carried the torch in Warwick

Katie Spaughton (Bedfordshire South)
Carried the Flame through: Rugby

Hannah Gallaher (Puckeridge Hunt Western)
Carried the Flame through: St Albans

Xavier Vrigneau (Portman Hunt)
Carried the Flame through: Winterborne

Sara Tremlett (Lord Leconfield Hunt DC)
Carried the Flame through: Petworth

Mary Joy Langdon (Wormwood Scrubs DC)
Carried the Flame through: Hounslow

The Young Equestrian Leaders Award (YELA)

YELA is an award scheme for the British Equestrian Federation designed to recognise the time and effort which young volunteers give to equestrianism and shape their experience, so that they become equestrian leaders of the future. So far over 900 candidates aged between 13 and 25 are registered on the scheme and are logging hours at BEF Centres and events all over the county.

The award is a fantastic way to experience a wide range of equestrian leadership roles, from coaching and instructing, stable management, mentoring young members, planning and running fundraising events, or even equestrian journalism!

Click on our canidadates below to learn more about them.

Participating in YELA is a great way to learn new skills, click here for more information

Participating in YELA is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and above all its great fun!

If you'd like to register for the award or find out more information visit email or call Matthew Cobble the Award Coordinator on 01926 405977.

Click to read more on the 2012 Recipients

2012 Recipients

Among the awardees for 2012 many were husband and wife combinations, including Mr and Mrs Philip White who as some of the longest serving volunteers have been associated with Route Hunt since 1960; with Pony Club rallies being the background to both their friendship as well as their romance!

Area 1
Elizabeth BellMoray & Nairn
Andrew ReidAngus
Area 2
Lucinda HothfieldCumberland Farmers Hunt South
Sheila BrownCumberland Foxhounds
Isobel SmalesSouth Northumberland
Area 3
Claire MarsdenRockwood Harriers
Alma BramblesRockwood Harriers
Ruth JacksonRockwood Harriers
Alison WigglesworthRockwood Harriers
Fran JefferiesBramham Moor Hunt
Barbara EdinburghRockwood Harriers
Barbara BirchallYork & Ainsty North
Area 4
Margaret BreakellPendle Forest & Craven Hunt
Alison CowpePendle Forest & Craven Hunt
Joan MuskerWest Lancs County
Elizabeth CarusWest Lancs County
Penny RidleySaddleworth & District
Anne TownsendSaddleworth & District
Area 5
Alan HoughCheshire Hunt North
Joan DeakinCheshire Hunt North
Gwylym HughesFlint & Denbigh Hunt
Area 6
Mary HullFitzwilliam Hunt
Jane BakerFitzwilliam Hunt
Rosie WalkerMeynell Hunt
Gill WilliamsonMeynell Hunt
Elspeth WatsonCottesmore Hunt
Dave HallemSouth Nottinghamshire
Joey NewtonBelvoir Hunt
Steve EyreSouthwold Hunt South
Emma NewtonBelvoir Hunt
Area 7
Judy CartwrightAlbrighton Hunt
Joan TicePytchley Hunt
Jane MorrisNorth Shropshire Hunt
Susan ClementAlbrighton Hunt
Patty JankinsAtherstone Hunt
Area 8
Micheal PaveleyEssex Union South
Julie JenkinsEssex Union South
Gillian LloydsEaston Harriers Hunt
Samantha NichollsEast Essex Hunt
Marianne BowleyPuckeridge Hunt Western
Michael LloydsEaston Harriers Hunt
Area 9
Vanessa BriggsWorcestershire Hunt
Tim OrmondVWH
Ian MaclayVWH
Maggie MaclayVWH
Liza DribbleVWH
Celia PlunkettHeythrop Hunt
Annabel KirkpartrickHeythrop Hunt
Area 10
Viv CreswellBrecon & Talybont
Area 11
Sue BallerdieMid Surrey
Area 12
Joy BurgoyneBedfordshire South
June HernOld Berkeley Hunt North
Peter WigginsSouth Oxfordshire Hunt Central
Rowene HamiltonOld Berkeley Hunt (Chilterns)
Sue TipperOld Berkeley Hunt North
Peter HernOld Berkeley Hunt North
Luise WhybrowOld Berkeley Hunt (Chilterns)
Philippa LodgeOld Berkeley Hunt (Chilterns)
Area 13
Sara TremlettLord Leconfield
Anna EvansHambledon Hunt North
Clair MurphyLord Leconfield
Peter KnightBisley Hunt
Val KnightBisley Hunt
Jill BoneBisley Hunt
Area 14
Lucinda SimsRoyal Artillery Hunt (S.P)
Area 15
Sara KittowTiverton Hunt
Jenny HayesDulverton West North Molton
Area 16
Bill Cook
Area 16
Area 17
Philip WhiteRoute Hunt
Eavan WhiteRoute Hunt
Area 18
Wendy JonesBanwen & District
Bryony PilcherTivyside
Lionel JonesLlandeilo & District
Area 19
Charmaine WilsonLanark & Upperward

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The Pony Club say's 'Thank You' to its valuable volunteers!

The Pony Club held their annual Cubitt Awards ceremony at Stratford Manor, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire on Monday May 28th.

The annual event honours those who have so generously given at least twenty years of voluntary help to The Pony Club, and 2012 was no exception, with an amazing 74 recipients on the list and an incredible combined service of over 1700 years between them!!

What is a
Cubitt Award?

The Pony Club Cubitt awards take their name from the late Hon Guy Cubitt, who was the Chairman of The Pony Club for 25 years and President from 1970 - 1979.

Tierney Carter

Tierney Carter

I have now completed my Bronze and Silver award and I'm currently going on towards Gold.

For silver I volunteered with my local driving for the disabled group where I met a variety of people, all with different stories to tell. I loved seeing people's joy whilst out on a drive; it gives everyone a chance of participating in a sport that is both enjoyable and life changing.

I also volunteered with my local Pony Club Centre. It was always a day to look forward to as the young ones put a smile on your face with their personalities, I loved spending time with them, and teaching them about horses and horsemanship.

The experience YELA has given me has allowed me to volunteer at new places for Gold and it's motivating me to get out and volunteer with other people and member bodies. I'm constantly improving my knowledge and gaining great experience for the future!

Ewan Macaulay

Ewan Macaulay

Through completing my YELA (Bronze, Silver and Gold) I have gained a lot of valuable experiences. I have learnt a lot about working with people and horses and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

As part of my award I was asked to teach The Pony Club Bird Watching Achievement Badge for the Morpeth Branch. The session was working towards the goal of teaching Members more about the countryside so that, in the future, Members are more countryside-aware and can hopefully work to conserve the nature of our countryside. The sessions went well as each of the Members left with more than enough knowledge to be worthy recipients of their Bird Watching badge.

Recently, I have been applying to the veterinary schools and YELA has proved important in showing my volunteering in my personal statement and I have been able to use my volunteering with horses through YELA has as evidence of work experience required by the vet schools.

Katie Midgley

Katie Midgley

For me YELA has been challenging, but in a good way, and so rewarding.

The award has encouraged me to branch out of my comfort zone to meet new challenges and new people and I can honestly say it has been one of the best things I ever signed up for. It has taken me to Windsor Castle as a volunteer groom for The Diamond Jubilee Pageant where I met people and horses from all over the world. I have unwittingly become a mentor to much younger children and, in return, I take enormous pleasure from their success.

Some people think they will not have the time or the skills to volunteer but I say it's worth making time. You will learn something, improve the skills you already have and gain further skills along the way and this can only improve your chances of success in the future and your general confidence in meeting challenges and overcoming obstacles.

Pony Club Camp

Ask anyone who is a current or former Member of The Pony Club and they will tell you that one of the best things about membership is Pony Club Camp! Everyone's Branch and Centre Camp is slightly different, some camps last a couple of days, some last for a week, some have tents to sleep in and at some Members come in and out of a camp on a daily basis, but they all have one thing in common

FUN, FUN, and more FUN!

There are many Pony Club Camp traditions, but getting as wet as possible seems to be one that is here to stay and that everyone loves!

Maddy Earp, aged 10, from the Mid Devon Hunt Branch tells us a bit about her 2012 Camp experience!

Mid Devon Hunt Pony Club Camp 2012 was truly awesome! At one point it looked like I couldn't go, as my pony Mathew was lame, but thankfully he was all right for it. Our camp was held at The Grange in Okehampton and lasted for five days. Each day we got up at 7am, mucked out, fed the ponies and had breakfast ourselves. Then there was a riding lesson, a snack, stable management and jobs before lunch, followed by more riding, and stable management, another snack and an evening activity before supper. Then we gave our ponies their evening feed, had a hot chocolate and went to bed. As it rained every day, hot choccy was in great supply (thank goodness!)

Everybody was put in to a team; there were five teams and we all practised for a musical ride display at the end of the week. The five junior girls had great fun in the dorm, with caterpillar wars, sweets and non-stop giggles!

The evening activities were: swimming on Thursday, an obstacle course on Tuesday and a demonstration on the other three nights. We had a lady called Josie who told us all about stunt riding on Monday (she worked with the people and horses from Merlin!), and on Wednesday a nice lady brought in her lovely dun horse for a Western riding demo. On Friday a lady called Vanessa brought in her horse and we had a demo and talk on horse agility.

When we were out on the cross-country course it was a bit wet, and we all got soaked so we had to clean our tack very well that night.

On the last day we all dressed up smartly, did show jumping and then our musical ride, before teams received their prizes - my team came 4th.

Mid Devon Hunt Pony Club is the best!

Maddy Earp (aged 10)

Up and down the country our 345 Branches get up to all sorts of activities, as you can see from the lovely images they have sent in!

Ivel Valley Members have a scary, but fun, time at their "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!" event.
This is one of the best fancy dress costumes we have ever seen from the Deveron Branch, AMAZING!
Could Hannah and her pony Eddie, from the Glenrothes Branch, be the next stars of Equestrian Team GBR...
The Thetford Chase helped celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with some very smart sashes.
These Galloway Branch Members are keeping it in the family as Lucy on Poppy, Kirsty on Doughnut, and Carolyn on Leo are all sisters!
The Isle of Man Branch were lucky enough to have Yogi Breisner, World Class Performance Manager and Chef d'Equipe to the British Eventing team, to visit them and give lessons recently, and he even attended their ball in the evening too!
Layla, from the Sutherland Branch, and her pony Casper 'on top of the world' taking part in their first Merlin ride at Invershin in the Highlands, with the Kyle of Sutherland in the background.
Lowri Evans, aged 24, and her Niece Nansi Evans, aged just four and a half at Nansi's first rally with Dwyfor Branch on her pony Dusty
Wentworth & District's youngest recruit Layla might only be two and a half years old, but she looks quite at home in the saddle!
The Middleton Hunt Branch celebrated their 80th Anniversary year in 2012 – CONGRATULATIONS!


These Alstone Court Centre Members have been working really hard to gain their Gold Achievement Badge Certificates!
Back Lane Stables held an Olympic themed Pony Club Camp with Members were split into countries, Great Britain, Germany and the USA. All the Members accumulated points during Camp for their country - Germany were the overall winners!
Members at Barguse cut some shapes in the form of ‘Mobots’ and ‘Bolts’ as Olympic fever hits!
Cardiff Riding School Members had a spooky but fun time at their Halloween rally!
Faith, aged 6, looks fab riding Rocky in her Easter costume at the Defence Academy Centre.
Park Lane Stables visited their local Fire Station to help with their Fire Safety Achievement Badge.
Members at Hilltop Equestrian Centre make sure their muck heap is neat and tidy!
Lucy Hayes, a Member at Horton Riding Centre, is over the moon to come 3rd riding Folly in her first ever one day event!
Mount Mascal Members escorted the incredible Megan Lewis on the final leg of her long horse ride from Beijing to London, before attending the Bexley Torch Relay party in Danson Park.
Witham Villa Centre are on their marks, get set, go for a poo picking session!

Great gifts for Christmas

Click the decorations below for a sneak peak

Manual of
14th Edition

The Manual of Horsemanship, 14th Edition

The essential textbook for any Pony Club Member, The Manual now boasts numerous improved and updated features, including an increase in size to 235mm by 154mm, making for ease of reference. There are enhancements to the inner style, with the traditional brown highlights being replaced with cornflower blue to highlight the text and bring out the best in the illustrations and diagrams. The chapters have been rearranged into three themed sections:

Part One - The Horse

Part Two - The Rider and Riding

Part Three - Saddlery and Lorinery

All the information contained in the publication has been reviewed and brought right up-to-date, including major updates to the Bridle, Bitting and Additional Saddlery, Shoeing, Worm Control and Training Scale chapters.



Pony Club Socks

These knee high socks in Pony Club colours are slim line for a perfect fit under long boots. They feature a padded toe, sole and heel for comfort.

£6.00 (adults) &
£5.75 (child's 1-3)

Horse and

Horse and Human Common Parks

This wallchart clearly shows which body elements are common to both horse and human, in a 420mm x 594mm full colour display, making it the perfect addition to the bedroom wall of any young horsey person.


So You
Want to Buy
a Pony?

So You Want to Buy a Pony

This publication from The Pony Club helps novice or first time buyers to make the right decisions and avoid slipping up when purchasing a pony.



All Systems Go!

Following on from Vital Statistics, Body Basics and Fit for the Bit, this fourth title in the acclaimed Stablemates series brings equine fitness to life in full-colour.



Shopper Bag

Our popular cotton shopper bag, updated with a large Pony Club logo on one side in metallic gold and silver - a perfect pressie for Mum!



Pony Club Camp Jigsaw Puzzle

A 300 piece puzzle featuring all the fun of Pony Club Camp, through exclusive illustrations from Annie Horwood. (Recommended for ages 7 & upwards.)



Christmas Cards 2012: Park & Ride, Christmas Morning and Fancy Dress

Drawn exclusively by Annie Horwood and Kate Scurfield for The Pony Club, each pack contains 10 cards with envelopes.

Message inside read's 'With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year'.


What is

the HSBC Eventing Training?

In 2009, HSBC joined forces with The Pony Club offering a generous sponsorship for Area Eventing Training Days; to help as many Members as possible access the specialist training that is so important for progression in the sport.

Click to read more

The tuition Members receive is designed to capitalise on their talent and enthusiasm in a sport that Great Britain excels at. Through this sponsorship HSBC and The Pony Club hope that riders at the grass roots levels of Eventing will be encouraged and helped to develop their skills, therefore widening and strengthening the base of riders who may go on through junior and young rider schemes to represent their country at the highest level. So many of Britain's top event riders started their competitive careers as Members of The Pony Club, including all of those in the Silver Medal winning London 2012 Eventing team, and it is hoped that these courses will help more Pony Club Members to go on and reach their full potential too!

HSBC Event Training 2012 Click to read more

HSBC Eventing Training 2012

16 HSBC Eventing Training Days were held during 2012, focussing on a combination of Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country and course walking. The format for the courses is designed by The Pony Club Eventing Committee, which boasts a membership of several riders who have competed at 4* level and are now successfully coaching riders at all levels. Plans for 2013 are already in motion, so make sure you check the Eventing Training page for details of courses in your Area!

Click here to View winners of the HSBC Elite Training Day

HSBC Elite Training Day

The winners of the HSBC Elite Training day 2012 were:

VWH Branch: James Norris, Alice Bibby, Pumbaa Goess-Saurau and Anna Horton.

Beaufort Hunt Branch: Georgina Preest, Marina Jodrell, Zoe Davidson and Gabriella Rose.

As well as a lesson with both Mary King and William Fox-Pitt, the teams enjoyed a tour of William's amazing yard, a look at William and Mary's Silver Olympic medals and a certificate as a memento of their day!

What is an

Associate Member?

Associate membership is available to those aged 21-25 in The Pony Club, and is denoted by a different tie and badge.

Following a recent survey we noticed that some of our Associates were unsure as to what their Membership gave them access too, so below you can find out about all the many bits of The Pony Club that are still relevant for those aged 21-25.

Click below on the buttons to find out more


The Pony Club could not operate and provide young riders with fantastic opportunities without the dedication of around 20,000 hardworking volunteers. One of the most important aspects of volunteering is to give back to your Branch, so the next generation of Members can enjoy the same benefits that you did. Volunteering also benefits you in the following ways:

  • Strengthens your CV content
  • You learn new skills
  • See different disciplines in action
  • Support your local community
  • Make some new friends and generally have some fun!

Young Equestrian Leaders Award (YELA): YELA is a new and exciting award that has been developed by Riding for the Disabled (RDA) for the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) in consultation with its Member Bodies to increase and encourage the number of young people volunteering in the Equestrian industry.

You can find out more about YELA on page 36

Branch: As an Associate you can still take part in your Branch level competitions, in the appropriate classes.

Area & Championship: There is opportunity for you to take part in Dressage, Show Jumping, and Tetrathlon at Open level both individually and in a team. You can also take part in Polocrosse as part of a team.

If you are unsure about your qualification for a level of competition, please ask your DC to contact the relevant secretary at The Pony Club Office and they will be happy to help!

Insurance: All Members are covered by Third Party Public Liability Insurance. This policy covers claims made against the Member for accidental bodily injury to members of the public or damage to their property arising out of the Member‘s use or ownership or control of a horse or pony or horse/pony-drawn vehicle at any time - not just at Pony Club activities. Read more about our Members Insurance.


As a training organisation we have many opportunities for our Associate Members, in both horse care and riding. Hopefully you already have some Pony Club Efficiency Tests, and you are welcome to work towards any of the levels, but the below may be particularly relevant to you:

A Test: The Pony Club 'A' Test is the highest test within The Pony Club structure. It is recognised worldwide and is very much sought after! It can also be used to gain a certain level of exemption to help you gain a BHS Teaching Qualification. Further syllabus and application information can be found HERE

Young Instructors Advanced Course (YIAC): A Test holders are invited to attend the YIAC, which is a rolling two year course, with a new intake every second year, allowing students to share their ideas and experiences. You can find out more HERE

Coaching Certificate: The Pony Club has a Coaching Certificate for those who hold their B Test. The certificate gives candidates a sound base of coaching knowledge, to enable them to teach a group of riders up to C standard and a group of C+ standard for horse care. You can find out more on page 49.

UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC): The UK Coaching Certificate provides a recognised stamp of quality coaching across all sport and across the UK. It has helped to raise the profile of equestrian coaching by establishing best practise coaching standards. We now have a nationally recognised framework of qualifications for coach education developed by the UK’s most successful sports. Levels 1-4 are available for Equestrian Sport within the UKCC structure and The Pony Club offers both Level 1 & 2 Courses. Further information can be found HERE

Annual Instructors Conference: The Instructors Conferences offer a great opportunity to find out more about The Pony Club’s hot training topics for the year, presented by some top class equestrian names. The 2013 Conferences will be hosted by Chris Bartle FBHS and Eric Smiley FBHS the following dates:

Wednesday 3rd April - Bishop Burton College, Yorkshire
Wednesday 10th April - Bury Farm EC, Buckinghamshire

Find out more and apply online.

We know being an Associate Member has many benefits, but don’t take our word for it, have a read of why Anna Sutton, from the Scunthorpe and District Branch, is still enjoying being a Pony Club member at 23!

The Pony Club

Coaching Certificate

The aim of this certificate, introduced in 2010, is to give you a sound base of coaching knowledge, to enable you to teach a group of Pony Club riders up to C Test standard and a group of C+ Test standard for horse care.

Before taking the Coaching Certificate, you must be 18 years old or over and have passed the B Test. We recommend that you have attended 'The Pony Club Introduction to Coaching' and 'Coaching Development For All' courses.

Click to read more

Attendance at First Aid (one day course) and Child Protection training is also recommended as this will be compulsory for all Pony Club Instructors from January 2014. You will be required to show your Pony Club Coaching Experience Log book as proof that you have been practising coaching within your Branch / Centre.

What is required for the assessment?

Click to find out more

What is required for the assessment?

Before the day:

  • Download the syllabus from the website so you are aware of what you will be expected to know.
  • Download the relevant paperwork from The Pony Club website, which you will find on the Coaching Certificate page in Tests and Achievements.
  • The paperwork is self-explanatory, but get help from a senior coach if you need it.
  • You should complete it all before the assessment and take it along in a folder.

Read through all the Coaching Criteria, as you will be assessed against this on the day.

In the assessment, you will be observed instructing and coaching in a very realistic Pony Club situation, with Pony Club Members in your groups. You will be examined in three sessions:

  • A class lesson of one hour at C Test level to include flat work, jumping and/or cross country.
  • A lead rein lesson for half an hour.
  • A care session up to C+ for half an hour.

A lesson plan must be produced for each session which will be discussed with the assessor.

Before the assessment, you should have practised completing risk assessments and accident forms; you should bring these along to show to the assessor. You will be expected to discuss risk assessments, safety procedures and accident forms.

On the Day

You will receive a timetable from your organiser detailing the time you should arrive and when each of your sessions will be.

  • You should wear clean and tidy riding clothes and take a waterproof jacket in case of bad weather.
  • You will be required to wear your riding hat for the ridden teaching sessions.
  • Don't forget to take your own props for the horse care session (e.g. grooming brushes, feed samples, shoes.)

At the end of the day results will be given out and you will receive feedback to assist you with your future coaching. When you pass you will receive a Coaching Certificate and a metal Rally Instructor badge.

There will be Coaching Certificate training and assessments running in 2013 – find out more HERE


The Pony Club B+ Test

The B+ Test is a riding test which is halfway between the B and A Test riding levels, as it can take four or five years to get to A Test level after passing the B Test. The B+ Test was introduced earlier this year to help Members work towards the A Test and measure their progress.

Click to read more

The B+ Test consists of two phases; Riding and Theory of Riding. The Riding phase will be held outdoors, but the flat work section may be in an indoor or outdoor school if there is no suitable area in the field.

You will be examined in groups of no more than four, by two instructors. The Theory phase is split into two sections; one Examiner covers the flat riding theory and the other examines the jumping theory. You must be ready to start the test on time. Don't forget to allow time for walking the courses beforehand.

Check out the boxes on the right for further information on what you can expect in the B+ Test, and see the B+ Test web pages for a full syllabus and reading list.

Click on the icons below to learn more



In the theory section, you will discuss why school movements and lateral exercises can improve a horse's way of going, pole work and the requirements of various types of show jumping and cross country fences.

The examiners will be looking for knowledge about the principles of course walking, and the importance of speed and pace for cross country.

Flat Work

Flat Work

You will ride another horse for the flat work and the examiners will be looking for:

  • A balanced and secure position
  • A demonstration of some or all of the movements listed in the syllabus
  • A progressive plan to improve the rhythm, suppleness and contact of the horse you have ridden.



You will be required to ride and jump more than one horse, so it is likely that your horse will be jumped by someone else during the test. The examiners will select who rides which horse, but you will ride your own horse for the cross country.

In the show jumping, the examiners will be looking for

  • A balanced and effective position, resulting in fluent turns and a rhythmic approach to fences.
  • You will need to assess how the horse went and suggest ways to improve any weaknesses.

Horses for the B+ Test

You will need to bring your own horse for the B+ Test, which must be safe and suitable for all parts of the test. A young or very green horse would not be suitable for this test. You should work your horse in quietly for fifteen minutes before the start of the test.

Tack for the B+ Test

Your horse should wear a double bridle for the first section of the test; when the examiners will be watching for competent handling of two reins, and the ability to use either the curb or bridoon rein independently, considering the training of the horse.

There will be a chance for you to change into tack suitable for jumping and riding on the flat (if you want to). If there is a reason that your horse cannot wear a double bridle you can bring a different horse to ride in the double bridle but you would need to have a helper who can warm up your second horse, and put the first horse away.

The NEW Pony Club
Competition Badge Range

has been designed to highlight the important issues in each of the nine
competitive disciplines and encourage good training of horses and ponies.

The Badges are based on The Pony Club Achievement and Mini Achievement Badge ranges, which mainly cover horse and pony care or non-equine related subjects. We hope that the Competition badges will complete the set of badges and provide riders with fun opportunities to improve their riding or learn new skills in a discipline they haven't tried before.

There are two levels of badge for each Discipline:

"Intro" Badges - these are designed for younger or less experienced Members who are just starting out in the discipline. This badge will help you understand the basics to help you get ready to compete.

"Main" Badges - these are for slightly older or more experienced Members who are ready to or have already started to compete in the discipline. It will help you to understand the rules of the discipline and what is expected of the horse and rider in order to be successful in a competition.

Both levels of the Competition Badges can be worked on, practised for and tested during rallies, camps or lessons.

Intro to Dressage

  • Present correctly dressed with safe tack, correct standard hat & boots.
  • Be able to demonstrate the basis of a balanced seat, sitting straight in the saddle.
  • Be able to ride a 20m circle correctly.
  • Know the size of a standard 20m x 40m dressage arena.
  • Have an understanding of rhythm and know the footfalls of the 3 basic paces.
  • Know what is meant by bend to the inside when on corners, turns and circles and how to achieve this.
  • Understand what a balanced transition should feel like.

Intro to Eventing

  • Present correctly dressed for cross country riding with safe tack, long sleeves, body protector and correct standard hat.
  • Demonstrate a balanced cross country position in walk and trot.
  • Recognise at least three types of cross country jump. E.g. - bank, ditch, water, log, brush, tyres.
  • Ride in a straight line into, over and after a fence.
  • Be able to count the number of canter strides when riding between two poles or fences.
  • Be able to canter for up to four minutes, over gently undulating grassland.

Intro to Show Jumping

  • Present correctly dressed for a Pony Club Show Jumping competition.
  • Be able to demonstrate at a halt the correct position over a fence.
  • Recognise at least two types of Jump. E.g - Spread, triple bar, gate, planks, style, x pole.
  • To explain the meaning of 'double combination'.
  • To jump round 4 fences in either trot and/or canter - max. height 0.65cm (2'1")

'Intro to Tetrathlon'

  • To be able to swim without armbands
  • Know how many points are achieved for swimming 4 lengths at minimus level.
  • Be able to demonstrate at a halt the correct position over a fence.
  • To be able to dismount, lower the pole of a slip rail, walk the pony over, replace the rail and remount.
  • To be able to throw bean bags onto a target or designated area
  • Understand basic rules regarding shooting safely (for example obeying the range officer, wearing the appropriate clothing, keeping the gun boxed at all times etc)
  • To be able to run the relevant distance (Tadpole/minimus)

Intro to Racing

  • Present correctly dressed with safe tack, neck straps, correct standard hat & boots.
  • To know that "Pony Racing provides an opportunity for Branch and Centre members to compete against each other at Racing and to encourage a high standard of riding".
  • Be able to shorten stirrups - with assistance if necessary.
  • Be able to maintain the balanced forward racing seat position on a barrel for 30 seconds* (barrel explanation below).
  • Be able to show the balanced forward racing seat position in walk and trot in an enclosed space (indoor school or arena).

Intro to Endurance

  • Present correctly dressed with safe tack, correct standard hat & boots.
  • To understand the speed and distance required for shorter Endurance Rides (Robin, Merlin, Kestrel)
  • Know that Medical armbands must be worn at Endurance rides and understand the reason why.
  • Demonstrate that they can walk and trot a pony in a safe environment (i.e.large park or similar)
  • To be aware that all children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult (maximum of two children to one adult)
  • Know what a Pony Club Mastercard is and why it is important.
  • To be able to present and trot up a pony correctly.

Intro to Mounted Games

  • Present correctly dressed with safe tack, correct standard hat & boots.
  • To know that "Mounted Games provides an opportunity for Branch and Centre Members to compete against other teams and to encourage a high standard of riding".
  • Be able to identify certain equipment - e.g. Bending Pole, Mug, Flag, Sock etc.
  • Be able to explain how many Members can be in a team.
  • Be able to explain what a 'white hat band' indicates.
  • Be able to explain a changeover involving a piece of equipment.
  • Be able to participate in races such as Bending, Two mug and Flag.

Intro to Polo

  • Recognise the tack their pony is wearing.
  • Be able to bandage the pony's legs.
  • Explain the size and layout of the field.
  • Ride exercises that establish one-handed rein handling including neck reining.
  • Aids for canter as taught in polo i.e. the rider and the rein hand go forward)
  • Work in an open area.
  • Awareness of half seat.
  • Correctly hold a polo stick.
  • Off side forehand and backhand at walk
  • Offside forehand hook at walk.
  • Ride off a similar size pony/rider.
  • Discuss the line of the ball and what to do in the event of a missed shot.
  • Know how to wash off and cool down a pony.
  • Know the 4 objectives of Pony Club Polo - see full syllabus for details
  • Awareness of The Pony Club Polo Handbook.

Intro to Polocrosse

  • Explain the correct tack for pony and rider
  • Be able to explain the layout of the field
  • What is the function of the three positions of play
  • How does the game start
  • Show the correct grip of the stick
  • Be able to throw, catch and pick up a ball on foot
  • Understand the goal scoring areas
  • Be able to correctly bandage the pony's legs


  • Present correctly dressed to compete (see 'Dress' and 'Saddlery & Equipment' sections of The Pony Club Dressage rule book).
  • Have the basis of an independent seat and be able to apply the aids consistently.
  • Know the scales of training and be able to relate them to their horse's way of going.
  • Be able to ride correct shaped movements from the Pony Club Novice Dressage test.
  • Be able to ride a simple dressage test from memory.
  • Know the answers to several questions on basic Dressage rules (see full syllabus for details)


  • Present correctly dressed for a Pony Club Eventing competition (cross country phase).
  • Know how dressage percentage marks are converted into penalty points.
  • Know the difference in the rules for a refusal at a combination in the show jumping and cross country phases.
  • Walk a short cross country course and consider the jumps, terrain and ground conditions.
  • Know the meaning of 'Speed', 'Optimum Time' and 'Minimum Time Allowed'.
  • Understand the importance of rhythm and balance in all three phases of Eventing (dressage, show jumping & cross country).
  • In canter, show an increase and decrease in speed while maintaining a forward rhythm.
  • Jump a short cross country course in balance and at a correct pace for each fence - maximum height 0.75cm (2'6"), to include a combination fence of two elements with one or two non-jumping strides in-between.
  • Understand the importance of pulling up gradually and cooling down.

Show Jumping

  • Present correctly dressed for a Pony Club Show Jumping competition.
  • To understand the Judges use of the bell to start and during a round.
  • To walk a course looking at the position of the start and finish markers if present.
  • To know the basic scoring rules and what to do in the event of a refusal at a single or combination fence.
  • To know the meaning of 'Time Allowed' and 'Time Limit' and speeds required.
  • To be able to read a simple course plan.
  • To know the importance of the canter and its rhythm for Show Jumping.
  • To understand the levels of training
  • Name different types of fences including double and treble combinations.
  • Know and understand the importance of the scales of training in relation to jumping a Show Jumping Course.
  • To jump a short small course - max. height 0.75cm (2'6") to include one double combination.


  • To be able to swim for the correct amount of time due to class (Minimus/Junior)
  • To know that a swimmer must touch the end of the pool with some part of the body each time you turn and that 50 points will be deducted if a swimmer fails to do so.
  • To be able to jump a short small course of cross country fences/show jumps to include a slip rail (max height 0.75cms (2'6")
  • To be able to open and close a gate mounted on a pony.
  • To be able to demonstrate the process of un boxing a gun and preparing for shooting in a safe manner.
  • To be able to shoot 5 out of 10 pellets onto a target.
  • To understand that a red flag must be on the right hand side and a white flag on the left when running.
  • To be able to run the relevant distance (Minimus/Junior)

Pony Racing

  • Present correctly dressed to Race - with either normal or racing specific Saddlery & Dress (see Pony Club Pony Racing rule book) – N.B. medical armbands not required for the badge.
  • Be able to bridge reins.
  • Be able to ride safely on way to gallops and then three abreast in a strong canter on either an enclosed gallop or open gated field in a forward balanced seat, independent of the reins.
  • Know and understand the importance of rhythm, tempo and balance in relation to Pony Racing.
  • Know the answers to several questions on basic Racing rules (see full syllabus for details).


  • Present correctly dressed to take part in an Endurance ride – (see Pony Club Endurance rule book) – Be able to present and trot a pony up correctly.
  • To understand the importance of a vets inspection at the beginning and end of an Endurance Ride.
  • Be able to walk, trot and canter safely in a small group (maximum of three) in a large park of similar.
  • Have a basic knowledge of the care of a pony after a short endurance ride (focusing on hydration, watering and cooling down).
  • Demonstrate how to measure a route map using string (or other suitable method) and work out the time taken to reach a specified landmark at 10kmph.
  • Understand the importance of using a crew during an Endurance Ride.
  • Know the answers to several questions on the basic Endurance rules (see full syllabus for details).

Mounted Games

  • Present correctly dressed to compete in a Mounted Games Competition.
  • Be able to explain what type of bit is permitted for Mounted Games.
  • Be able to explain the qualifying rounds of Competitions for both Senior and Junior Teams.
  • Know and understand the importance of the height / weight rules.
  • Be able to participate safely in a variety of races; including races which require dismounting / remounting and races done in pairs.
  • Know the answers to several questions on basic Mounted Games rules (see full syllabus for details):


  • Tack up & turn out of pony and rider including recognition & understanding of the tack worn by the pony they are riding.
  • Bandage and put up tail.
  • Mount and dismount holding a polo stick.
  • Hold and use the reins correctly & effectively in one hand, maintaining a balanced position at all paces.
  • Walk to canter and canter to halt.
  • Canter figure of eight, change leg, notice when correct and incorrect.
  • Use of half seat and correct balance of the pony.
  • Off side forehand and backhand at walk and canter.
  • Have an understanding of and start to use at walk and canter:
  • Near side forehand and backhand
  • Off side forehand and backhand hook.
  • Off side forehand under the neck.
  • Off side forehand cut shot.
  • Off side backhand tail shot.
  • Off side backhand open shot.
  • Ride off a similar size pony/rider.
  • Care of the pony before and after work including feeding and fittening
  • Know the Polo Basics/Sets Plays & understand the polo rules as laid out in The Pony Club Polo Handbook.


  • Present correctly dressed - both pony and rider for a polocrosse match
  • Explain what equipment you would take for your pony to Tournaments
  • Be able to explain the basic schooling for training the pony
  • Explain how to feed the pony suitably for his size and the amount of work he is doing
  • Be able to throw, catch and pick up a ball on horseback at trot
  • Explain the length and width of the field in metres or yards
  • Explain the field rules on crossing
  • Demonstrate the cradle
  • Explain how you get the ball from your opponent and what is not allowed
  • Understand the umpire's signals, penalties, fouls and dangerous play
  • What do you do at the end of the game Polocrosse
  • Present correctly dressed - both pony and rider for a polocrosse match
  • Explain what equipment you would take for your pony to Tournaments
  • Be able to explain the basic schooling for training the pony
  • Explain how to feed the pony suitably for his size and the amount of work he is doing
  • Be able to throw, catch and pick up a ball on horseback at trot
  • Explain the length and width of the field in metres or yards
  • Explain the field rules on crossing
  • Demonstrate the cradle
  • Explain how you get the ball from your opponent and what is not allowed
  • Understand the umpire's signals, penalties, fouls and dangerous play
  • What do you do at the end of the game

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